E521.14 CAN-LIN SBC Series

001.jpg           Features:

           .High speed CAN transceiver    

           .Up to 4 LIN transceivers 2.1 / SAE J2602

           .VDD1: DCDC buck output 500mA. Error 2%.

           .VDD2: 5V or 3.3VLDO, 50mA output current accuracy 1%.

           .Boost converter (optional)

           .The current in sleep mode: 20uA

           .The standby current of 50uA when VDD1 works

           .Built-in window type guard dog

           .Wake-up input

           .The configuration, diagnosis and control through SPI bus interface

           .Encapsulation QFN9x9

           .The pins compatibility of all series

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